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40Hex Number 12 Volume 3 Issue 3 File 002 Extracted From CuD [5.66] ------------------------- Subject: File 3--40Hex is now a print magazine From: fortyhex (geoff heap) Date: Mon, 16 Aug 93 17:19:02 EDT 40Hex, the world's most popular underground virus magazine is now available in two versions -- the familiar online magazine and a new printed magazine. In the past two and a half years, 40Hex has become the most popular virus magazine in the underground. The new printed magazine (dubbed 40Hex Hardcopy) is intended for anyone who wishes to learn as much as they can about computer viruses -- from the source, the virus writers. Each issue will contain -- o A complete virus disassembly, fully commented in the 40Hex tradition, o Detailed programming articles, intended for those fluent in assembly, o Introductory articles intended to help those on all levels of ability, and o Interviews with virus writers and virus researchers. Also included is an editorial column, which will provide a forum for discussions about any virus related issue. Submissions from both sides of the argument are welcome, and will be given an equal voice. Subscriptions -- The price for 40Hex Hardcopy is $35 per year for individuals, $50 per year for corporations. The magazine is bimonthly (six issues per year). The online magazine is available free of charge from many privately operated BBSs. You may receive a disk with the latest issue from us for $5. Please send a note specifying whether you would like a 5 1/4 or a 3 1/2 inch disk. Correspondence -- Subscription requests should be addressed to Subscriptions 40Hex Magazine PO Box 252 New City, NY, 10956 Article submissions should be addressed to Articles 40Hex Magazine PO Box 252 New City, NY, 10956 Letters to the editors should be addressed to The Editors 40Hex Magazine PO Box 252 New City, NY, 10956 if you have access to internet E-Mail, you can send a note to fortyhex@mindvox.phantom.com note: manuscripts will not be returned to the sender unless they are accompanied by postage. All submissions must be marked "manuscript submitted for publication." The online magazine will still be published, and will remain separate from the new hardcopy magazine with no article overlap. +++ Leni Niles Co-Editor, 40Hex Hardcopy ---------------------------------------------------------------------