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40Hex Issue 3 0001 - Gray would be the color, if I had a heart. Well what's up. Sorry about the delay with issue three but there's been a lot of stuff going down. I've been working on a lot of semi-legit projects and all that so I haven't gotten around to 40Hex till now. Anyway, first big news is this. SKISM has now co-oped with the New York based group PHALCON, thus broadening both groups span of diversity. SKISM being an all virus group and PHALCON dealing with mainly h/p. Secondly, SKISM is hoping to broaden its membership a bit. We are looking for a few good virus writers. Mainly what we need is some people who are very good at assembly code and first and foremost virus writing. Lame bomb writers, Q-Basic coders and such need not apply. We are not just looking for IBM coders, as we are also broading to Mac and Amiga. Thirdly, SKISM gained a new HQ in PA., it is called Night Eyes BBS. The number is (717)-367-3501, supporting 12/24/96/14.4 baud rates. Finally, The Landfill BBS, whos number is listed as the SKISM HQ in issue two, is no longer our HQ. Although we are still on very good terms with the staff of that BBS, please refrain from calling it with virus related topics (they are no-longer h/p, just Amiga wares). Any- way the new New York SKISM base should be up and running by tops October. It will be called Hell On Earth and I myself will be sysop. Well enjoy... - Hellraiser -- Appendum -- Well about three days after writing this artical I found out that I am being shipped to California. This sucks... Well looks like Hell On Earth will be up out there instead of New York. Call our home boards to keep in touch with the situation. I can still be left mail on Night Eyes. -- Appendum B -- 10/25/91 Well, it's been over a month since I wrote the above. Nothing much has changed since then. I'm in CA. now and without a system. Phalcon members have been going off -- mostly Dark Angel, who has a new virus coming out, Bob Ross. I hope I can get it for this issue. Anyway, in other news The Punishment Due - Skism distribution site has gone down. I am looking for other BBS's to add the collection to. More news... There is another Hell On Earth BBS out there so it looks like I am going to have to change the name of my BBS, when I get my system. Ironically I am concidering having the other Hell On Earth as a Skism distribution site. Even more news... I have been getting a lot of shit cause of my name. There seems to be other Hellraisers out there, who claim they were the first... Fuck you all! I had the name since 1989, when I read Clive Barkers novella - "The Hellbound Heart." If you had it before then, its yours. However after calling a lot of boards nationally lately I never had a problem logging on due to my name. Shows how lame people are. Well thats it for now... Hope this issue will be out shortly.