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40Hex Issue 4 December 1991 Whats New --------- Well a lot of things been going on this month. Well I've been really lazy lately and haven't gotten around to writing this issue for over two months I guess. Well let me tell you whats been going on. Let me take the time now to address these lame fucking people who, if they had 9600+ modems, would be wares puppies, but being they have a 2400 they decide to practice there leeching habits on viruses. They are the virus collectors, they ones who never run the damn things, just add them to there collection and upload them here and there to be really, as they say, "K-K00\_." Please mother fuckers, stop. I mean look at the Red Cross virus, does anyone have the real copy of it? Some lame ass collector found something that scanned as Red-X and was "/> a |)" enough to upload it everywhere. Please, give it up. Virus BBS's are a great thing, and without them we would be lost, but by the same tolken these collectors, or as someone once said, "Micro-Wares Puppies," must get with the program or die. Well second of all, I've been calling The Homebase quite a bit lately and came to one conclusion, people are dumb. Look in this issue for some scroll backs of stupid things people have posted on that BBS this month or so. The Bob Ross virus has been released in the mist, so watch what you D/L. Hmmmm, I think SCAN 85 caught it, but that will change soon, right DA? Funny story. I infected my schools computer with several viruses before I transferred out. Well what I heard happened from that is this. They somehow could not get the viruses to dissapper no matter what they did. Incedently it was Whale and some other viruses. Anyway, out of the fustration of the viruses reappering all the time, they decided to out and get rid of all the hard drives. So they removed all the hard drives from all the systems and put them in storage. Anyway, they finally got a virus expert to come it, he said that they didn't have to get rid of the hard drives he can rid the viruses. Well to late. The art department had got a hold of them and wealded them together into one big statue! Thousands of dollars worth of hardware down they drain. The school was so embarressed at the whole thing they shipped the statue way out of state where so everybody would soon forget this screwup. Thanks to Shade of Sorrow for finding that one out for me. SCAN 85 _is_ out, 'nuff said. Bet you all heard the story about Novell and Stoned III? If not this is the run down. Novell got infected by Stoned III. Novell distributed infected copies of the December update to everyone. That's the story.