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40Hex Issue 4 December 1991 How Lame Are These People? ------------------------- This text is from the Homebase BBS, Mcaffee's board, all I can say is read it. Special apperance from Data Distruptor of Rabid and Lestat/Skism, AKA me... Read on... Msg#: 5712 *viru* 11-19-91 17:11:34 From: TERRY ROSS To: ALL Subj: IS THIS A VIRUS? Hi. Is there a known virus which displays a screen which reads "INC, for quality cracks?" I have recently inherited a computer at the company I work at and there was apparently some tetris and blockout games on the disk which are the source of this message. I found a file called "runme.bat" with the text in it, but even after I deleted it, it still pops up the aforementioned message. Also, the message gives me a choice of EGA CGA or monochrome and in general, the message makes life difficult for me. any help with this would be vastly appreciated. <*>Replies <A>gain, <R>eply, <N>ext, or <S>top? Msg has replies, read now(Y/N)? y Msg#: 5715 *viru* 11-19-91 17:50:59 From: ARYEH GORETSKY To: TERRY ROSS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 5712 (IS THIS A VIRUS?) If you can upload a copy of an infected file, we can see if it contains viral code. Aryeh Goretsky Tech Support <->, <A>gain, <R>eply, <N>ext, or <S>top? N -- The below text was deleted by Aryeh, I don't think he likes me -- Msg#: 5718 *viru* 11-19-91 19:42:34 From: LESTAT /SKISM To: TERRY ROSS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 5712 (IS THIS A VIRUS?) It's not a virus. INC is the International Network of Crackers. What they do is unprotect games and distribute them. What you do have is most likely illegally obtained software. <->, <D>elete, <A>gain, <R>eply, <N>ext, or <S>top? End of Replies, add yours(Y/N)? N Msg#: 5717 *viru* 11-19-91 18:01:25 From: DATA DISRUPTOR To: ARYEH GORETSKY Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 5597 (RABID) Haha! Funny guy. I believe you are referring to the Roland D-10 and S-10 series of keyboards... R-10 being a keyboard... bah! Data Disruptor RABID Int'nl Development Corp. <*>Replies <->, <A>gain, <R>eply, <N>ext, or <S>top? Msg has replies, read now(Y/N)? y -- Again I was deleted, come on Aryeh old buddy -- Msg#: 5719 *viru* 11-19-91 19:45:03 From: LESTAT /SKISM To: DATA DISRUPTOR Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 5717 (RABID) Thats coming from a guy who thinks INC are virus writers. Jessh. <->, <D>elete, <A>gain, <R>eply, <N>ext, or <S>top? End of Replies, add yours(Y/N)? N