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40Hex Issue 4 December 1991 Is This The End? ---------------- Well, to be honest. I'm kind of tired writing this magazine. It's not like I hate it or anything, it's just too much pressure for one person to handle. Decimator helped me out a bit with a few articals and such. But still every time I do an issue it's me who does the marjority of the work. It seems the magazine is bigger than I thought. It seems to be on everybodys BBS from NY to California, from Canada to Europe. The thing is I can't write this thing by myself anymore. I work everyday from 2pm - 10pm and I will be going back to school next semester. So I don't have time to handle all the things I do. So in the long run the magazine suffers. Anyway, unless people want to help out (mabey the reason is that I haven't really asked before) lemme know. Contact me on Digital Warefare. The numbers in an artical in this issue somewhere I'm sure. Anyway, fuck it, If people don't contribute soon this may well be the last issue of this rag ever. So whatever happens in 1992, we shall see. So if this is it, later people. My viruses will still be coming on strong as always... Later Hellraiser 12/26/91