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40Hex Number 6 Volume 2 Issue 2 File 003 Well, there have been plenty of busts in 1992 so here is the run down to the best of my knowledge for anyone who is interested: Asphi: Busted by MCI on January 20 for hacking on 476's. Had to pay $2700 for the phone calls he made. From what I found out MCI Wants to nail him to the wall. Charges include: Unlawful use of a computer, Credit Card Fraud, Theft of Services, Criminal Conspiracy and some more I can't think of, 10 or so total. And of course they took his system. He is going to have a trial, but a date has not yet been set. Axiom Codex: Billed $2000 for equal access codes. Cold Steel: Billed $40.00 for 476's Count Zero: Yet another that got nailed for 476's. Billed $86.63 and had to tell his parents. Deathblade: Billed $100 for 476's. Dekion: Also nailed for 476's. Not sure if he will be charged. Billed somewhere between $100 - $1000. Genghas Khan: Nailed for CBI and for 733's. Not sure about what will happen to him, but I heared from his friend that he is really screwed. Instigator: I got nailed in the 476 ring too. They took my system but gave it back. I got billed for $1970.17. I got charged with 1 count of Theft of services. They dropped the other 8 charges. I am going to be on informal probation for a short period. Marauder: Raided last year by GBI, they took his computer equipment and never gave it back. They finally decided to charge him with some misdemeanors. Netrunner: Billed $100 for 476's. Terminal: Arrested same time as Genghas Kahnvict. He is NOT a minor... VenoM: 476's again. Billed $75.00 and had to tell his parents. *** AND the LAMEST bust of the month award goes to: DecimatoR - for sitting in his car along a main road while using the beige box! He ran up a wopping $0.81 phone bill before the cop came by and asked him if he was having car trouble and saw the wires running from the car into the telephone pole. He was arrested, then released. No charges have been filed.... yet! *** AND the second LAMEST bust of the month award goes to: Hot Rize - for wizely running his neighbors phone line into his own house. No one would notice that one, eh? We also recieved confirmed reports that he is a dweeb. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All 4 PHALCON/SKISM joints went down between January and March. The Landfill for security reasons, Digital Warfare because of me getting busted, PHUN LINE for security reasons, and USSR because Time Lord may be getting busted. Digital Warfare went back up though, with DecimatoR as sysop. ** Apparently the head of the 476 operations is Terry Oakes. He is the phone Fraud investigator in charge of the TeleConnect Investigations. Give him a ring at 800-476-1234 Ext. 3045. Thank you. ** References to 476's are refering to 800-476-9696 owned by Teleconnect, a subsidary of MCI. (6 Digit Calling Cards - Get a LAMER to hack 'em) ** Make sure you change your passwords if you use the same one on Digital Warfare as you do on other boards. They have the OLD user list. ** Additions to the list will be on a first busted first added basis. -Instigator