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40Hex Number 7 Volume 2 Issue 3 File 007 Just a friendly reminder: ------------------------ Virus Contest! 'The Spammies(tm)' ------------------------ Deadline: July 4th, 1992 This is the first PHALCON/SKISM virus contest. As a matter of fact, this is the first contest of its kind. We believe that it will motivate you to produce more original code, rather than more hacks. Winners may have already won $10,000,000, as well as the prestige of winning the first ever 'Spammie' awards. Rules and Regulations: 1) All submissions must be original source code. (no hacks) 2) Only one submission is allowed per programmer, plus one group project. 3) All viruses must be recieved by us before July 4th, 1992. 4) Viruses must be accompanied by a complete entry form. (see below) 5) The original, compilable, commented source MUST be included, along with an installer program, or a dropper, in the case of boot block viruses. 6) Entries must include a location where the author may be contacted, such as an email address or a BBS. 7) Personnel or persons related to personnel of PHALCON/SKISM are not eligable. 8) The source must compile without error under Tasm or Masm (please specify what assembler and version you used, along with the necessary command line switches). If we cannot compile your virus, it will be disqualified. 9) All entries recieve a free subscription to 40hex. (hehehehe) 10) The entry must be uploaded privately to the sysop, stating that it is a contest entry. 11) The viruses must not be detectable by the current version (as of July 4th) of any known virus scanner. 12) Viruses will be judged by our 'panel of experts' in three catagories. 6.1) Stealth 6.2) Size 6.3) Reproductivity 6.4) Performance For example, Red Cross is an example of a 'high performance' virus. It was entertaining and well done. *** Entry Form Handle ________________________ Group Afiliation ______________ Virus Name ____________________ Size ____bytes (if you need more spaces, go away) Type ___ File Infector ___ Boot block Infection method ___ Direct Action ___ Memory Resident ___ Directory chain ___ Other (please describe it in detail) Encryption routine ___ None (bah) ___ Xor loop ___ Other (please describe it in detail) Describe what makes your infection routine unique. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Describe what makes your encryption routine unique. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Describe what means your virus uses, other than encryption, to keep itself hidden. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ What is the largest possible scan string for this virus? __bytes What else sets this virus apart from other viruses? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________