Publication Name The X Files
Number of total relizes 17
Country USA
Genres Hacking, Phreaking
Period of activity 01/02/1993 -> 01/09/1994
Writers involved , , ,
Description They're 17 numbers of The X Files available, a h/p ezine from USA active between 01/02/1993 to 01/09/1994. The X Files members: , , , .
Displaying 1-17 of 17 results.
Pack NamePublication NameReliz NumberReliz NameReleased at
xf0000.zipThe X Files0xf01/02/1993
xf0001.zipThe X Files1xf01/02/1993
xfile1.zipThe X Files1xfile05/03/1994
xf0002.zipThe X Files2xf01/02/1993
xf0003.zipThe X Files3xf01/02/1993
xf0004.zipThe X Files4xf01/02/1993
xf0005.zipThe X Files5xf01/02/1993
xf0006.zipThe X Files6xf01/02/1993
xf0007.zipThe X Files7xf01/01/1994
xf0008.zipThe X Files8xf01/01/1994
xf0009.zipThe X Files9xf01/01/1994
xf0011.zipThe X Files11xf01/02/1993
xf0012.zipThe X Files12xf01/04/1994
xf0013.zipThe X Files13xf01/04/1994
xf0014.zipThe X Files14xf01/04/1994
xf0015.zipThe X Files15xf01/04/1994
xf0016.zipThe X Files16xf01/09/1994