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40Hex Issue 3 0005 Application For Membership To SKISM SKISM is quickly becoming one of the largest virus creators/ distributers in America. Part of getting bigger is branching out in new directions and getting more members. If you wish to apply for membership to SKISM or if you want your board to become to become a SKISM distribution site fill out the application below and upload it to one of the SKISM home bases listed in file one of this archive. Keep in mind, from the start of the group SKISM we have been virus authors, not trojan, bomb, or any other such distructive mechanism. The entire purpose of SKISM is virus reserch, to better understand the situation today with computer viruses. Therefore trojan and bomb authors shall apply elsewere, when you brush up your work, come back. No disrespect intended. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application For Membership I am interested in becoming ___ A SKISM Member ___ A SKISM Distribution Site Sysop Handle: ________________ Aliases: ________________ First Name: ________________ (Used only for verification) Have you ever written a computer virus(es)? ___ If yes name it/them: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Programming Languages you know: ____________________________ Know Well ____________________________ : ____________________________ : ____________________________ Hardly Know Are you a sysop of a BBS? ___ If yes leave the vitals: BBS Name: _________________________ Dialup: _________________________ State: _________________________ Running: example: Telegard._______ Are you in any way connected to and law enforcment agency? ___ Do you realize that being untruthfull to the above question waviers all legal matters: ____ Are you in anyway connected to any software company? ___ List three people you know (handles) : _________________ _________________ _________________ List three BBS that you have elite access to: Name: _____________________ Dialup: _______________________ Name: _____________________ Dialup: _______________________ Name: _____________________ Dialup: _______________________ Thank you. Please upload this applcation to one of the SKISM distribution site mentioned in the first file of this archive. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------