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40Hex Issue 3 0006 Virus News 10/91 ----- Well the virus world is going as good as ever, dispite the over 20 virus scanners/removers out there. The October 28th issue of PC-Magazine did a huge artical on the newest virus scanner/defense systems. Mentioned in the artical were SKISM-1 and Captian Trips. There is a new catagory of viruses out there, DIR-2 viruses. Havent located one as of yet, but hope to in the near future. Bogus SCANS continue to surface in the public domain. As if SCAN 82 was not played with enough, there have been many reports of bogus versions SCAN 84. Most of which contian trojan bombs and will distroy the FAT table or boot sector of you hard disk upon execution. I have the unreleased phone numbers of John Mcafee. Including his private office, home, and fax numbers. Get a hold of me somehow and I will get them to you. Theres a bogus version of the Red Cross virus going around on h/p boards. The first command is to terminate the program. Things people do for credit these days. In case you haven't yet heard Patti Hoffmans VSUM, virus information summary is now a giant hyper-text database. It's really a good program, check it out. Can't wait to see a bogus version of that going around. That's it for no - till later.